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About the BDA

About the Bermuda Business Development Agency

We are Bermuda’s independent international business development organisation, and can connect you to top Government officials and business leaders. We can provide you with the ultimate “in” to our world-class market if you are just establishing your business via our BDA Concierge, your Bermuda business advocate. If you are already here, our team can help you expand your network and find solutions.

Bermuda, Centre of it All

Perfectly balanced between east and west, Bermuda is a convenient jurisdiction to live, work and play. A stable, long established and highly entrepreneurial island, Bermuda offers a unique business ecosystem where established and emerging industries can connect with a deep talent pool of professionals within a one-mile radius.

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Transparency Central

Listed on the EU’s white list of full cooperative tax jurisdictions and recognised as leader in the high against financial crime by the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force, Bermuda is a very transparent and well-regulated jurisdiction. In this ‘The Bermuda Angle’ episode Stephen Weinstein, BDA Chair, explains why Bermuda’s transparency makes it an ideal place to do business.

The Bermuda Story: Our Unique Advantages

The BDA was pleased to launch its Bermuda Angle Webinar Series in July. The series provides thought leadership and insights from key business leaders in Bermuda and other markets. The first Bermuda Angle Webinar ran on July 21 and was titled, ‘The Bermuda Story: Our Unique Advantages.’ It featured the Minister of Finance, the Hon. Curtis L Dickinson, JP, MP, and BDA Deputy Chair Susan Pateras.

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Bermuda Angle and Bermuda Central

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) is producing two video series, ‘Bermuda Angle’ and ‘Bermuda Central’. ‘Bermuda Angle’ features the quality and expertise of our international business sector, including insurance titan and Convex CEO and Founder Stephen Catlin, while Bermuda Central highlights our sophisticated lifestyle, including how Bermuda is the best place to “live, work, play”.


Brought to you by the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA), in partnership with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) Bermuda and the Bermuda Association of Licensed Trustees (BALT), this webinar series will provide your high net worth clients with a variety of educational webinars throughout the year. Visit our website,, for dates for upcoming webinars.

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RIMS and BDA Webinar Series

RIMS, the risk management society®️,  and the Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) partnered to host three webinars.

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News in Bermuda

Climate Risk Finance Initiative

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) launched an initiative in April 2021 to become the world’s climate risk finance capital. With more than 50 years of risk management experience with an internationally respected regulatory, the aim is to foster sustainable, equitable growth in Bermuda and add an additional leg on the jurisdiction’s economic stool.

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Bermuda Leaders Announced Support for Climate Initiative

On Earth Day 2021, Bermuda’s leaders lauded the Government’s climate initiative for emphasising environmental responsibility while also encouraging sustainable, equitable growth. The Government’s initiative includes: reducing the country’s carbon footprint; protecting the country’s environment and fragile ecosystem; increasing adaptability and resilience; and investing in climate-focused efforts.

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Bermuda and the Changing Landscape of Climate Risk

As part of the Bermuda Business Development Agency’s (BDA) climate risk finance initiative, we, in association with RIMS, the risk management society, held a webinar in June 2021 entitled: “Bermuda and the Changing Landscape of Climate Risk”. Building on the BDA’s first climate risk panel in 2020, this was moderated by BDA Chair, Stephen Weinstein and featured other climate risk experts.

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Bermuda: The World's Climate Risk Finance Capital

Bermuda: The World’s Climate Risk Finance Capital, in our Bermuda Angle Webinar Series, touched on how Bermuda is building on its strength in natural catastrophe reinsurance, its globally respected financial services regulatory regime, human capital, and established infrastructure, to become the jurisdiction of choice to help mitigate risks related to climate change.

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Our Industries


Building on the innovative spirit that gave rise to our global (re)insurance market, Bermuda is an ideal location for forward-thinking technology companies, especially Insurtech and FinTech. Bermuda is a leader in risk-based digital asset business and digital asset issuance regulation. Our incredible talent pool and island population, offers the perfect ecosystem to beta-test exciting new tech.


Insurance and Risk

Bermuda is the world’s risk capital. No other place in the world offers such a diverse range of advanced risk-transfer solutions. From commercial (re)insurance, to captives, Insurance Linked Securities to InsurTech. We are world leaders in natural catastrophe (re)insurance and have a risk-based regulatory environment. Bermuda specialises in bringing capital and innovation together.


Climate Risk Finance

Bermuda has taken on the challenge of becoming the world’s Climate Risk Finance capital. This was a natural development based on our over three decades of expertise in risk management of weather-related catastrophes. We are also an island, approximately 600 nautical miles away from the closest point of land, and home to the world’s longest running ocean observation and data research centre.

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Asset Management

Bermuda is a world-class financial centre suitable for both traditional and alternative investments including funds, private equity and insurance-linked securities. As a transparent, blue-chip jurisdiction, Bermuda’s innovative legislation and regulatory developments continue to draw top US and European groups to domicile or have interests in Bermuda.

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High-Net-Worth Services

Putting experience, discretion and compliance at its core, Bermuda is a premier jurisdiction for trusts, family offices and other private client structures. With a risk-based, rather than rules-based, regulatory framework and with internationally recognised trustees and lawyers all located on-island, Bermuda is a leading international trust jurisdiction.



Bermuda’s infrastructure industry offers a wealth of opportunities for investors. From blue economy, to subsea cabling and hotel developments, Bermuda’s modern infrastructure embraces technological advancements.


Work from Bermuda

Why work from Bermuda?

Bermuda’s safe, clean and sophisticated island lifestyle is perfect for families, while its pro-business culture and best-in-class regulatory regime offer global businesses a world-leading platform for commercial growth and innovation.

Work from Bermuda Certificate (WFB)

Bermuda’s resilient response to the global pandemic meant the island remained open, despite COVID-19. Speed to market was key, and we worked-remotely, while other jurisdictions closed for business. As a result, the Bermuda Government launched the work from Bermuda certificate which invites remote workers, and their dependent family members, to spend a year on our safe, secure and stable island.

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Economic Investment Certificate (EIC)

Bermuda is an ideal jurisdiction to live, work and play. Launched in mid-2021, the Economic Investment Certificate (EIC) enables individuals, and their dependants, who invest $2.5 million in certain Bermuda industries, sectors, charities, or government programs to receive residency rights for five years. After five years, certificate holders can apply for a Residential Certificate.

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EIC & WFB Success

The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) has been assisting Government with its Work From Bermuda (WFB) and Economic Investment Certificate (EIC) Initiatives. Both WFB and the EIC have experienced great successes in the short time they have been in existence (WFB since August 2020 and EIC since April 2021) due to Bermuda’s proactive and sensible approach to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

The Bermuda Angle: Stephen Catlin

Hear from insurance titan and Convex CEO and Founder Stephen Catlin. Mr. Catlin, speaks about commercial reinsurance, and Bermuda’s unique work culture in this episode of ‘The Bermuda Angle’.

Meeting safely in Bermuda

Bermuda is open for business. From remote workers to business travellers, Bermuda’s COVID-19 protocols have allowed individuals to safely meet on island. From a rigorous testing regime to a newly opened airport with an Airports Council International (ACI) Airport Health Accreditation programme.

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